Leptin is our starvation hormone…. WHAT IS LEPTIN? It is a protein that is made in the fat cells, that circulates in the bloodstream and sends signals to the brain that affect our weight and appetite. WHY do we shut down when we diet too strict for too long (or train an extreme amount more than we eat)? LEPTIN LEVELS are released to “tell your brain that energy levels are not set right”. Everyone has a leptin level threshold that is probably genetically set (so everyones is different). This is a level where when you go below it (“threshold”) your body says… Thats it! Enough fat loss, something is wrong, Stop burning and start saving! In other words our leptin levels drop when we are in starvation mode and the only way to fix it is to increase our food intake till our bodies readjust and our metabolism is back on track. For how long? And with what foods? Again how much food and for how many days is different for everyone but foods used for energy like fats and carbs are what is most effective.

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